"Know Thyself" is a painting by Avyeris Kanatas. It demostrates the contribution of the Greek culture to the World's Culture Legacy. All the words - ideas that are the basis of the modern western culture are coming from Ancient Greece. The Greek words "Democracy", "Athletism", "Olympism", "Theater", "Politics", are spread to the edges of the earth like the rays of the Sun. 

"Know Thyself" was given as a present to Mr. Jaque Santer, president of the European Community, in 1995 from the Mayor of  Delphi. A copy of it was given to all the deputies of the European Parliament. In the European Community there was a public discussion about the reduce of the official languages from 12 to 5. Greek language was about to be cut. With this painting the Mayor of Delphi tried to emphasize that the Greek language was very important for Europe. All the basic words that are used every day in all the other languages like "Democracy", "Politics", "Olympic games",.. have their origin in Greece.

Article of the Greek newspaper "Kathimerini" about "Know Thyself" (in Greek)

Article of the Greek newspaper "Ethnikos Kyrix" of New York  about "Know Thyself" (in Greek)