Album "Travels" (Published in 1987 by "Melissa")

It contains numerous aquarelles from the travels of the artist around the world. (Preface, Travels).

Album Phokis  (Published in 1981 by "Melissa")

It contains aquarelles from the area of Phokis in Greece. In the preface of the Album the artist says: "Nowhere else in the world do opposites like shadow and light, wild and tame, high and low, large and small coexist in such harmony or share their presence in such absolute fairness, as they do here on this piece of land." (Preface, Phokida)

Album Amfissa (2nd edition: 1997)

Amfissa is the city where Avyeris Kanatas was born. This Album contains black & white drawings from the city and the surrounding. It was first published in the year 1976.

Book: "Once upon a time in Amfissa" (edition: 2000)

Sketches and stories about the people of Amfissa in the beginning of the 20th century.